USA Beach Ranking - Application for Junior Events

All junior beach volleyball events may be awarded ranking points that will appear on the USA National Beach Ranking. Regional events sanctioned by USAV do not need to apply and are automatically awarded ranking points through the USAV Region. 

Applications are accepted for: 

  • National events
  • Zonal events
  • Regional events not sanctioned by the USAV Region (must be an open event and should include more than one club or group)

To help identify the standards for points allocation please click to review the following document.

Applications will only be accepted in advance of an event, minimum of 15 days prior to event.   Applications are reviewed by the USAV Beach Ranking Working Group that consists of (at least one from each of the following): 

  • USAV Beach Events
  • USAV Beach HP
  • USAV Beach National Teams
  • USAV Zonal Beach Lead

There is a cost of $1.00 per team entered. Please click here for the results template that will be required to complete. Results entered must be for all teams participating in the event.

Please provide relevant details and complete the online application process no later than two weeks in advance of an event. Once an application is received it may take up to one week to process. All results submitted are reviewed and should a significant discrepancy be noted in comparison to the application and awarded level of points, a change in the level of points awarded may be made.

Application Information

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* All Regional events must have open entry and should include more than one club or group.

Event Details

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Submission of an application to receive USA National Beach Ranking points for juniors does not guarantee allocation and should not be listed for the event until official confirmation has been made. 

If points are allocated to the event it is the tournament directors responsibility to pay the $1 per team fee prior to results being displayed. 

Management of results and entry of points is conducted during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, PST.